Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tag: Would You Rather...?

D.L.T. over at The Random Ranterer  made a tag called Would You Rather. I think it was such a cool idea and since I was tagged by Catlin @ The Y.A Bookworm (I just love her and her blog. She's so sweet!) I decided I needed to get in on this. :P

And of course, again, I am reading an ARC that I can't post the review of until 30 days before the release date so I have no reviews to post. Ugh. And I won't for a while because I suck at reading two books at once. Sorry for the rant. Haha :)

Blogs I am Tagging: 

Nikki @ Fiction Freak and Lisseth @ Read-a-HolicZ and Ara @  My Book and Coffee and Cheyenne @ This Girl Reads

Here are the Rules:

  • Intros!-Tell us about yourself and your blog
  • Answer the 6 questions in anyway you want
  • Tag 6 bloggers (or however many people you want to tag)
  • Tell them they have been tagged and link back to your post
  • Put the Would You Rather...? picture to your post

Hey y'all, my name is Abby. I absolutely love YA literature and decided to start blogging about 6 months ago or so. But I will admit I've only been active for about three weeks of those 6 months when I finally decided to start blogging (or gushing more like) about my favorite books and upcoming ones. I've met some crazy cool people and wouldn't change the short time I've been here for anything in the whole world.

    Reading: Would you rather read a classic book or a dictionary? The only "classic" book that I've really read (or almost read) would probably be Alice in Wonderland and I didn't even finish it. So I would choose classic book because I would jump off a bridge if I had to sit there and read a stupid dictionary. I mean seriously...
      Getting : Would you rather receive a $50 gift card to a bookshop or a library card?
      I can honestly say I hate libraries with such a passion I could explode the sun (I feel very violent today so excuse me) so a $50 gift card would be the best way to go unless you want to live in total darkness from then on. K?  

        Shopping : Would you rather look at books at a bookstore or a library?
        Read the answer above. BOOKSTORE, is my answer. 

          Sleeping : Would you rather stay up and see what happens in the book (and its a part where it's a must) or go to sleep?
          I really do love to read, but I cannot function without sleep. So I might read late but wake up the next morning and read some more. 

            Writing: Would you rather write on a laptop/computer or in a notebook/paper?
            Definitely my laptop. I couldn't write/edit on paper alone. It doesn't think as fast as the computer does. 

              Eating : Would you rather eat while you read or keep glancing at the bag of food while you read?
              I would eat. I don't really understand why I would have a bag of food in front of me and not eat it. Oh well. *clears throat*

              Thanks for reading and make sure you go and check out those other blogs! 


              1. Aww thanks for the kind words *gives bear hug*
                I'm going to have to agree with you on the whole library thing- I'm not a fan of them either!!

              2. Hi Abby! Thanks so much for the tag ;)

                "I would eat. I don't really understand why I would have a bag of food in front of me and not eat it." - LOL I agree! :D Definitely, if the bag of food is mine, and I like it, I will definitely eat it - reading or not. HAHA.

              3. I just love this post! I have to ask, though, why don't you like library? I'd live in mine if I could. (:

                1. *libraries
                  I need to learn to read my comments BEFORE I post them. ;)

                2. I can crack myself up sonetimes because I NEVER read my comments before I post them. My friends and family probably think I am illiterate. Ummm...I am not really sure why I direct so much malice at libraries. I at least hate the one in my city. The people there were very rude and the genuine love for books (what I thought a library should signify) was totally nonexistent. Sorry for the long reply. :P

              4. Hahaha thanks for mentioning me! And, wow, you got hate for librarians, awesome. I've never met someone that has, but cool. Definitely love your answers!!!! XD


                1. You're so welcome. This tag was such a good idea honestly!! :) haha! I do not hate libraries or librarians, just so you know. :P It's just...the library in my city isn't any good. It's beautiful don't get me wrong but the people there are rude and it's devoid of everything I think books signify. :/ :D