Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: The Next Forever by Lisa Burstein

Published date: January 13th, 2013

Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Ever After)

Where to Buy: Amazon + B&N

Summary: (Goodreads)

One night in college can change everything…

Away at college, Amy just wants one night alone without her high school sweetheart, Joe. So when he invites her to go to the library, she heads off on her own instead. How she ended up at a house party with the mysterious bad-boy Trevor is another story…

Joe so isn’t going to the library. He needs space from Amy, too, so he’s decided to rush a fraternity, to get back the swagger he had in high school. But it doesn’t take long for the brothers to invite him to the real rush here the beer is flowing and one particular girl has set her eyes on Joe.

Over the course of one wild night, both Amy and Joe will have to decide if their futures belong with two new people, or whether the next forever will have their first loves in it.


                 Previous to reading The Next Forever, I hadn't read its big-sister novel, Pretty Amy. At the time, I honest to goodness didn't know this novella was connected in any way, shape, or form to that novel. I had seen Pretty Amy before on Goodreads and read its description, but never gave it enough thought to purchase and read. The only reason for this is because I had been burned so badly in the past on other contemporary novels/ novels presently-set in my many years of reading. By my confusion and Burstein's amazing, awe-inspiring, moving, and most of all breathtaking style of writing, I have now a new love for the contemp. genre. Lisa's gift did what no other book could do. I don't even think I could call Lisa's way with words a gift; it spans so far beyond that. Lisa is an artist with what she does with letters and words. She bends them to her will, infuses them with emotion, and forces them onto the reader. She is very talented indeed. 
The story of the two teens may seem clich√© to some people, but it stole my breath with every word, every thought Amy or Joe had. As the main protagonists, they too became artists and painted a world where thoughts consume and temptation beckons. They twisted and danced around each other as they showed us what was like to be them. To have everything and be tempted to lose it. To have everything and might not want it. Watching them struggle was hard. I felt like I was the one who was having these doubts rather than the protagonists. 
There were many things I loved about this novella. One of them being the fact that you didn't have to read Pretty Amy to get acquainted with each character on an emotional level. It felt like I had read Pretty Amy and more when the protagonists thought of their history together. Honestly, this could have been a stand-alone and I wouldn't have been the wiser, so articulate is Lisa when she shows glimpses into their past. Or rather glimpses into Pretty Amy.  
Lyrical and playing deeply into the reader’s emotions, The Next Forever shows what it feels like to question everything.


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  1. Well, I have not read Pretty Amy, but it does look cool. I love contemporary YA and this one seems like my cup of tea. I might read this then read Pretty Amy, though. LOVED your review, Abby!
    Your reader,