Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Promo + Guest Post: Fate War: Alliance by E. M. Havens

Fate War: Allianceby E. M. Havens
Genre: Sci Fi Romance / Steampunk
Date Published: 2/25/13

  Prince Cole meets Samantha when she walks down the aisle. Though she seems like the polished women he is familiar with, there is something different. She is complicated and full of mystery. Her dowry comes with a promise of air ships and mech capable of defense against their common enemy and for his country to survive, he must unravel her secrets. It is only when each accepts their destinies can they save their people from the plans of the Fate Sovereign.

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A Day in the Life:

My day starts early, sunrise usually, with a guinea sitting on my window air conditioner, pecking the glass like crazy. Stupid bird wants to be fed. After I throw a pillow at it and fail to scare it away I finally get up. I wake up the kids.  Well, I tell them to get up, then go feed our menagerie. Then I come in and feed our inside animals, kids included.  Of course they’re still in bed, so I tell them to get up more forcefully.  Most people call it yelling.

After breakfast I get the kids started on schoolwork.  Then I sit down to check all my media sites, blog, facebook, twitter, goodreads, and amazon. Then I yell at the kids again to do their work.

Next I do a load of dishes and clean the countertops. This is followed by kindergarten math with my youngest. They’re so fun to teach at that age. I then plead with the older ones to do their work instead of fighting.

I take a little break and review a chapter for a critique partner, then it’s back to house work. A load of laundry and cleaning the living room is in order.

Now it’s time for lunch and I threaten the older kids with bodily harm and grounding for life if they don’t finish their work. After lunch I do more schoolwork with the youngest followed by another review for a critique partner. More house work. It’s about the time of day for a mental break down from the teenagers so I cry and beg them to finish their work. Have I convinced you to homeschool yet?

Now it’s dinner time, for both humans and animals.  The family works together to help with the animals and we eat or go to town for various activities –  boy scouts, 4h, dance, church. If it’s Monday or Wednesday I get a few hours to myself to work on my own writing.

Now it’s bedtime for the kids, and one more animal feeding. It’s concentrated mommy and daddy time after 9, the best part of the day. Now wasn’t that exciting? 

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