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Blog Tour {Guest Post & Giveaway}:How to Be Almost Famous in Ten Days by Kathleen S. Allen

How to Be Almost Famous in Ten Days  
by Kathleen S. Allen
Publication date: March 15th 2013 
Genre: YA Contemporary

Seventeen-year-old Cassie Cee feels invisible because she's a double-digit size. She finds a book in a secondhand bookstore that she hopes will change her life. Her best friend's brother wants to make vlogs about how she is following the ten rules she found in the book, why she is doing it, and how she feels about being invisible for his school project. She agrees, but only if he promises no one but his college advisor will see the vlogs. He promises, but a friend of his posts them online and they go viral. When one of the "famous rules" puts her best friend, Rachel in a dangerous situation, Cassie makes one last vlog and Chuck posts it online. But emails begin arriving from other girls who have felt invisible, and she realizes she has to own up to being "the real Cassie Cee."


Kathleen has been writing since she was eight years old when she self-published her first book. Okay, she hand-copied her poems onto plain white paper, paper punched three holes in the sides, made an orange and blue “book jacket” and threaded red ribbon through the holes that she tied with a bow. Ta Dah! Her first book! She’s been writing ever since. She writes in different genres but YA is her favorite. 

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"What Inspires You To Write?"

Kathleen S. Allen

             I’ve been writing since I was a young child. I started out writing poetry then short stories, novels, and moved on to flash fiction, lyric essays, and microfiction. My success as a writer comes from an internal source telling me my story or poem or essay is worth reading. I call this internal source, THE EVIL EDITOR FROM HECK. I first did NaNoWriMo in November, 2008 writing my first YA faerie novel, LORE OF FEI in thirty days. It was during NaNoWriMo that I realized I can’t listen to EVIL EDITOR and that I had to gag said editor and tie her to the chair in the corner for a month. There were times when she pulled the gag off or loosened her ties but I managed to finish the month without too much from her. But once she was released it became apparent that not only did she not have my best interests at heart but that she was trying to sabotage me at every turn. How dare she? I worked hard to hone my writing skills, writing and rewriting, taking creative writing classes even getting a Master’s in English and doing an independent study with a published YA writer. I deserved to bask in my writings. But her voice is strong and she is determined and so there are times when I listen to her tell me my writing is awful and I’m a hack and that I’ll never sell any of my writing. Never. Ever. Ever. And it is those times when I rend and tear my hair out and think, “Yes, she’s right, I can’t write and never will amount to ANYTHING. I am a hack, a poser, a failure.” And I stop writing. But a day goes by or two or a week and I begin to think that maybe, just maybe she’s not right. Maybe I can write something readers will like to read. Maybe I can tell my stories to the world and the world won’t laugh in my face---unless I want them to---. So I begin again with the dreaded first draft and put it all down in one swoop. Next it’s time to start editing. It is when I am in the first blush of romance with my draft that the EVIL EDITOR knows I am most vulnerable. She sneaks up and whispers in my ear that this story is “ka, ka.” One of two things will happen, either I will agree and put the story away never to let it see the light of day again or I ignore said editor and KEEP GOING. I have to push myself to ignore her and toss her in the corner. Every so often I toss her some chicken bones to gnaw on so she’ll leave me alone. It doesn’t always work but when it does…CELEBRATION TIME.
             My advice is this: leave your inner editor in the corner every time you sit down to write a story. Ignore him or her. Gag them and keep them gagged. Once in a while toss them bones to gnaw on to keep them happy but don’t quit writing. Because quitting is not an option. 

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