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Blog Tour {Excerpt & Giveaway}: Identified: The Maya Price Story by Faith A. Rice-Mills

Identified: The Maya Price Story by Faith A. Rice-Mills
The Maya Price Story series, #1
Publication date: December 3rd 2012
Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy

     Maya Price is a typical eighteen-year-old girl without much going on in her life. Her biggest problems include getting ready to leave her hometown for college, figuring out how to avoid her ever-so-strange stepmother, and trying to muddle through her feelings for her best friend, Pete. Yet, on one of her last nights in her hometown, she and Pete are in a car accident. A stranger pulls Maya from the accident, leaving Pete behind, and takes her out of this world and into another dimension.

     Maya soon discovers that she has been taken to a dimension called Leets by a group of people that call themselves shifters. Shifters are of mixed human and onyx blood and have various abilities.  These shifters are able to travel between dimensions and control the four elements (fire, earth, wind, water) and the five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste). Their leader, Victoria, informs Maya that she, too, is a shifter and that she must choose to join them or risk being sought out by their greatest enemy, a shifter named Leonas.

    Maya joins Victoria and her ragtag group of rebel shifters in Leets, where she is teamed up with a group of seven other shifters. Her new "teammates" include a street-smart girl named Luz, who is especially adept at controlling fire, her twin sister Espy, and a nervous boy named Lamar, who can manipulate sound better than any other shifter. Together, Maya’s team trains for the battle that will soon be  inevitable.

     However, Maya soon learns that her purpose is not to just move the earth or send water flying into the air. There are rumors of a hidden prophecy and that the prophecy mentions Maya by name. Supposedly, the prophecy says that Maya will one day have to choose a side and will be essential in bringing her chosen ally to power...

Faith A. Rice-Mills is the author of Identified: The Maya Price Story and a handful of short stories.  She moonlights as a Spanish teacher,  but has wanted to be a writer since she wrote the poem “The Jackowhipp’s Wail” as an eight-year-old.  Her writer’s spirit resides somewhere between Narnia and Mount Doom, but her physical body lives in Texas with her family.  Besides writing, she loves reading (and will take recommendations!), yoga, coloring with her daughter, and watching Parks and Recreation with her husband.  She dislikes snakes, the word “literally,” and teaching double object pronouns in Spanish.  She is currently working on Burdened, the second book in The Maya Price Story series and is writing whatever short story she has to get out of her brain.

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His eyes bore into Maya’s as if he knew about the magic trick she had pulled on her family earlier. Her eyes began to water and it had nothing to do with the overpowering scent of formaldehyde. Half of her brain was once again admonishing her for changing her family’s memories, even though she knew it was better for them to believe she was in Europe. The other half of her brain was whirring, attempting to process what Pete had just said. If he did not remember the drive home, then he did not remember holding her hair back when she was sick. He did not remember holding her hand in his. He did not remember asking her if she was jealous. He did not remember his face being inches from hers. Perhaps she was selfish, but she had hoped that she would be able to carry this particular memory with her as she ventured off into unfamiliar territory. She had hoped that it would be a shared memory, something that both she and Pete would never forget. Her throat was clogged with a cry threatening to escape and her eyes were now watering dangerously. Considering the violence she had witnessed in her previous trip to Leets, she was very uncertain about her fate. I could die, she thought suddenly. Maya knew that this was why she had hoped the brief moment she and Pete had shared would be a memory she could hold on to. And now, it was gone, as if it had never happened. As if it were something she had imagined.
            “Yeah, I guess,” she said, finally responding to Pete’s comment. She wiped her eyes with the backs of her hands and laughed a false laugh. “Man, I hate that smell. It always makes my eyes water.”
            Pete’s eyes were burning holes into hers as she looked back up, like he knew she was lying. Yet, he shook his head, lay back on his pillow and suddenly became himself again, easygoing and mellow. “So what else has been going on? Did you have fun at your Nana Price’s house? Did she make you three dozen Snickerdoodle cookies a day?”
            “Pete, I need to tell you something,” Maya said shortly, interrupting. She only had five minutes left.
            “I’m leavin.’ I applied to this exchange program for college track runners a few months ago. I didn’t tell you at the time because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be accepted. Anyway, they called me today and came by my house. I’m leavin’ for Italy tonight. It’s a really great opportunity and I can’t pass it up.” There, she had told him. Concise and to the point.
            The aftermath of silence seemed to draw out through her remaining four and a half minutes. Maya watched Pete’s battered face change from friendly interest to stony indifference. He drew his eyes away from Maya and stared at the white speckled tiles on the ceiling.
            “You’re leavin’ tonight?” he asked finally, repeating her words.
            “Yes. The, uh, practices start in two days.”
            “When will you be back?”
            “Um, I’m not sure. The schedule is pretty hectic.”
            “Does your family know about this?”
            “Yeah, they’re pretty excited for me.”
            “So you don’t know if you’ll even be back for Christmas?”
            “No, I don’t know.”
            Again, stony silence. Maya had never seen such an expression on Pete’s face. At first glance, it seemed that he was completely indifferent to what she had told him, but underlying that was an expression of …what? Anger? Fear? She was suddenly exhausted and, moreover, tired of trying to decipher the array of facial expressions she had witnessed in the last twenty-four hours.
            Pete grabbed the remote off the bed and turned on the TV. A rerun of Friends was playing and the laughter in the background was almost a cruel soundtrack to Maya and Pete’s conversation. “Pete?” Maya asked somewhat timidly.
            “I’m not feelin’ so good, Maya,” Pete replied and then forced a laugh at one of Chandler’s jokes. “They’ve got me on all these pain killers and I’m feelin’ pretty stoned…”
            Maya’s legs and arms went numb. So, this was it then? They were going to cut off their relationship in one neat slice instead of drawing out the pain. Pete did not want to acknowledge that she was leaving, so she would play along with him. She felt her throat clog again and tried to exhale, willing the sudden flux of emotion to leave her body. “Well, I guess I’ll get goin’ then,” she said, praying her voice would not betray her.
            “Yeah. Hey, send me a postcard ok?”
            Maya nodded, hastily standing. She hesitated, feeling that there was so much more she needed to say. She wanted to tell him the truth and for him to beg her not to go. But, if he did that, he would not be Pete. And, more than anything else, she wanted him to be Pete.
            “Bye Pete,” she whispered, and turned to walk out the door. Once her back was to him, she allowed the dam of tears to finally spill onto her cheeks.
            She had walked ten steps out of the door when she heard it.
            “Maya?” came the choked question.
            Maya froze. It sounded as if Pete’s voice was clouded with tears too. She began to pick up her pace, putting another ten steps between her body and Pete’s room.
            “Maya!” He was shouting now and Maya could tell he was asking her to come back.
            “Maya!” She began to jog, suddenly needing to be far away from the hospital and from Pete.
            “Maya!” He was shouting louder now, as if he knew she was further away. She guessed that a nurse would be making her way to Pete’s room.
            “Maya!” This was the last time she heard her name. She was sprinting now, and she sped past the front desk with the nurse watching the video, past the HOSPITAL façade, and into the driveway where Victoria was waiting.


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  2. This is a really good book. I read it when it first came out, and I could not put it down - and I can't wait until the second book is published.

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